Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Ohhh y'a une coup' d'extremistes qui ne sont pas contents dans le monde arabe. Y'a un Pakistanais musulman qui rit de sa propre religion et c'est pas bien selon eux. Moi je dis que c'est très bien. Quand on commence à rire de soi-même on devient plus libre. J'espère juste qu'il n'y ait pas un cave qui call un fatwa sur le comédien comme sur le gars qui a fait un cartoon de Mohammed.

Article dans le telegraph

Saad Haroon has been accused of mocking Islamic values prompting bloggers to call for him to be stoned to death.
The video follows his tongue-in-cheek efforts at serenading a "sexy ninja" or "mystery prize" hidden beneath a black niqab, with only her dark eyes visible through a narrow slit.
"Burka woman, in your black sheet," he sings, "Burka woman, with your sexy feet, "Burka woman my love for you it grows, every time I see your toes." He even describes going home to "practise flirting with my living room curtain".
However, the video has caused a storm in Pakistan, the cradle of the Taliban, where conservative religious leaders hold considerable influence.
Earlier this year, access to YouTube, Wikipedia and Facebook was blocked after cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed were published online.

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